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" Krunk " is a musical journey through Armenian Caucasus where cultures from the Orient and Occident have been mutually enriching each other with their magnificence and grace for hundreds of years.

" Krunk "  is a story about a homeless traveler, wandering between different cultures, searching for hidden secrets.

" Krunk " is the carrier who dives into the depths to find the light.

Masis Arakelian rediscovers the music of Sayat Nova and elicits the true magical mystery of Komitas songs.

He offers a selection of Armenian art songs of the last three hundred years and presents his own poetry compositions and arrangements.

" Krunk " is a concert of foreign sounds; yet it feels so close.

A healing journey for senses and soul.

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Masis Arakelian was born in Isfahan (Iran), a son of Armenian parents.

At the age of eleven, he began to study church singing as a soloist, with the Armenian conductor Movses Panosian.

At the age of thirteen, he won the first prize in the national Iranian youth competition in Performing Arts.

Later on, he trained in classical singing and composition in Berlin.

As a composer, he sets ancient and contemporary Armenian, Persian and other poetry to music.

Through the use of classical singing, he creates a new sound.

Masis currently performs his programs

" Krunk - Crane " and " Goftegu - dialogue ".

Masis lives and works in Berlin.

Goftegu • Dialogue

compositions of a thousand years of Persian poetry

The " GOFTEGU " program deals with Persian literature; starting with Khayam, one thousand years ago, to Hafiz in the 14th century, to Nima Juschidh from the 20th century. Issues like transience, death, life and love inspire Masis Arakelian’s dramatic compositions

Krunk • Crane

Armenian art songs of the past three hundred years

CD Aufgeklappt - 1 (2)

CD Krunk-Crane

CD Krunk Cover Innen - 1 (2)