Tenor & composition

Englische Flage-1
Deutsche Flage-1
Armenische Flage-1
Interview Armenische Staatsfensehen H1
Armenisches Staatsfernsehen H1
Interview Radio HAY
Interview H1
Shant TV 6-2018
Interview WEM Radio
Armnews Juni 2018
Radio Azadutyun 2018

Interview with the Radio Azadutyun 2018

A portrait by Gayane Danielyan

Interview with the culture Radio VEM ”Armenian artists and composer“, 2018

A portrait by Olya Nurijanyan

A interview with the Radio Hay ”Hayetsaket“ 2018

A portrait by Armen Hohannisyan

A interview with the Armenian national tv H1 ”Aravot luso“, 2018

A interview with tv Armenia ”Armnews“, 2018

A interview with the tv Shant  ”Aravote Shantum“, 2018

A reportage by the Armenian national tv H1 ”Meronq“ Part1, 2018

A portrait by Lili Yeritsyan

A reportage by the Armenian national tv H1 ”Meronq“ Part2, 2018

A portrait by Lili Yeritsyan

The Portrait of Culture Radio rbb Berlin/Germany

The Cultural Magazine Scala of WDR Köln/Germany

A portrait by Marie Wildermann

A portrait by Stefan Keim

Interview in ZHAM Moscow magazine, June 2016

A conversation with Anna Givasgiyan

Interview with the Club of Iranian Journalists 

The Common Language of Nations is the Music

India Bangalore March 2016

Interview on the Public Radio of Armenia

A portrait by Vruir Tadevosyan

Lihnari Radio

Interview on the culture radio Lihnari on Rhodes in Greece 2016

and so on…...

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